Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 5 written by Jason Aaron


[Edit: Originally published May 9, 2016]

Collecting issues #19-24. 

It was an interesting mix of happenings in these five issues. The Hellfire brat pack remains a large threat and after what happened to Broo at the end issue 18 (he gets shot). Logan and Rachel are hunting for Broo’s attackers, although they don’t know it was the Hellfire brats, and Hank is doing his best to save Broo.

I think it’s safe to say that the Jean Grey School has kind of been a mess since the get go, so we see Kitty desperately trying to find new staff and everyone from Blade to Spiderman applies, including a very insistent Deadpool. In the end Ororo’s the only one who gets a job.

Then we see Angel, not becoming his old self again, but learning better to exist as a person and manage his massive powers. This ties into the finding of new mutants. Angel offers to be the one to go look for them the first he encounters is Iara dos Santos, or Shark Girl.

We also get Frankenstein’s murder circus, and the backstory of one of the Hellfire brats. The teachers from the Jean Grey school are brainwashed to be circus performers. Quentin finds this, particularly what they have Logan doing, delightful.

Some favorite moments:

  • Angel, who has taken control of Worthington Industries, hires his AP economics class from the Jean Grey school as new board of directors
  • Kitty getting increasing exasperated with the teaching candidates.
  • Trevor Hawkins or Eye Boy. Everything about him I love him, he’s my child.
  • Iara calling Mystique “Smurfette”
  • Maximillian and Edvard. I’m so sad. I didn’t want to get emotional about one of the Hellfire brat pack.
  • Quentin being awkward around teen!Jean.
  • Kitty and Bobby’s date was hilarious and went just about as well as could be expected for a date between a lesbian woman (not canon) and a gay man (canon).

You can get volume five here.

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