Poison Ivy, issues #1-10, written by G. Willow Wilson

Poison Ivy is struggling to resist a deadly strain of spores she consumed to enhance her waning powers after her fall from extreme heights of power as Queen Ivy. The first few issues feel very classically “Poison Ivy wants to eradicate humanity for the devastation that we have wrecked upon the environment,” but it is… Continue reading Poison Ivy, issues #1-10, written by G. Willow Wilson

Phoenix Song: Echo, written by Rebecca Roanhorse

When the Phoenix Force is given a host that isn’t a mutant you tend to get a lot of unhappy X-Men fans. Being wildly unfamiliar with the Daredevil comics, I picked up two random middle issues of “Phoenix Song: Echo” thinking that she might be a new X-character. I saw that Echo, aka Maya Lopez,… Continue reading Phoenix Song: Echo, written by Rebecca Roanhorse

Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero, written by E. Lockhart

“Whistle” is a fantastic introduction for a fantastic new superhero. It is at once a classic origin story and a breath of fresh air. Willow Zimmerman and her mother have struggled to makes ends meet as her mother’s (presumably adjunct) job as a professor doesn’t give them health insurance and she hasn’t been able to… Continue reading Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero, written by E. Lockhart

Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

“Angel Catbird” is a campy and wildly entertaining superhero romp, from the classic chemical accident origin story to the wide range of eclectic characters such as Neferkitti, Count Catula and Babushkat to the super villain with questionable motives and even more questionable plans.  Our hero, Strig Feleedus—and what a name that is—starts the story as… Continue reading Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood

StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night by Leon Langford

Fast paced and absolutely riveting, “StarLion” is the story of Jordan Harris, a young man with powers derived from the gods, who dreams of being a hero, but has been told to hide his powers and so resorts to vigilante activity in his spare time. The origin of superheroes as descended from the gods of… Continue reading StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night by Leon Langford

Opal Charm: Melody of Astronomical Dusk by Miri Castor

Not spoiler free. This is my new favorite installment in the Opal Charm saga. Everything from cover to the final page left me absolutely thrilled.  We pick up where we left off at the end of “Hope in Nautical Dusk.” Anza is gone—though she lives on in a way inside of Opal—and Opal is still… Continue reading Opal Charm: Melody of Astronomical Dusk by Miri Castor

Iceman: Thawing Out written by Sina Grace

(repost, because I’m an idiot with two thumbs who deleted the original) [Edit: Originally published June 22, 2018] Love from parents is the trickiest kind of love. You want to love your parents and you want your parents to love you. I think that’s something that every child wants, no matter how badly their parents… Continue reading Iceman: Thawing Out written by Sina Grace

Iceman issue 11 by Sina Grace

[Edit: Originally published May 25, 2018] First things first, it’s frankly criminal that Marvel canceled Iceman. I know I’m late making my opinion known about that but I’ve been busy. I wanted to look at issue 11 for a number of reasons. Firstly, and this ties in with Iceman being cancelled, it doesn’t feel like… Continue reading Iceman issue 11 by Sina Grace

Dreadnought by April Daniels

[Edit: Originally published June 23, 2017] Dreadnought is the coming of age story of Danny, a young trans girl who finds herself with the body of a girl after she inherits the superpowers of the hero Dreadnought.  It blows every other trans coming of age story I’ve ever read out of the water. Probably, because, unlike… Continue reading Dreadnought by April Daniels

“Eggshells” by Ziggy Schutz from Behind the Mask

[Edit: Originally published May 19, 2017] When Pen falls and gets a concussion (and not even while superheroing) the repercussions are a lot more long lasting than she maybe expected.  There’s this trope in action genres, that’s basically, hit a person on the head as an easy and harmless way to knock them out. Except… Continue reading “Eggshells” by Ziggy Schutz from Behind the Mask