Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor


[Edit: Originally published May 12, 2016]

What is time really? The citizen’s of Night Vale certainly don’t know. Beloved local scientist Carlos, could probably make some guesses, but most people accept that time just doesn’t work in Night Vale. There are many things that do not work in Night Vale: remembering the man in the tan jacket, for example.  

Join Jackie Fierro and Diane Crayton as they discover the origins of the man in the tan jacket, as well as just what is up with that King City place, and who the hell is Troy? And what does all this have to do with Diane’s son Josh?

This book takes place over a series of weeks. Or maybe it’s one single day. It seems like Cecil’s broadcast only spans one day, yet it runs through the entire book, which according to our lovely protagonists, has events that span several weeks, give or take some altercations with the lawn flamingos.

If you know Night Vale and listen to the podcasts, you will know this is completely normal. Completely normal, just like the Glow Cloud and the fact that writing implements such as pens and pencils are illegal.

If you enjoy the podcast the book is a must read. And by must read, I mean must buy. Don’t take the risk of going to a library, it’s just too dangerous. Particularly since this is fiction, and nothing attracts a librarian more than fiction. Diane and Jackie enter the library in search of information on the mysterious King City and very nearly lose their lives. Don’t put yourself in such danger, buy the book, don’t risk the librarians.

Amazon is convenient location to buy the book. Though it’s sold in other places too.