X-Men Zines and Headcanons!

Two zines lying on top of each other. 

The first, a quarter-page zine, is titled "Warlock Befriends Appliances" in between "Warlock" and "Befriends" is an image of Warlock's head inside a heart.

The second, a larger, half-page zine, is titled "Jay's Book of Irrelevant Headcanon." The title is enclosed in a thought bubble that emerged from a cartoon drawing of the top half of Jay's head.

The snapchat caption reads: "Who's up for fun X-Men headcanons?"

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so enthused about anything X-Men related as I’ve been since reading “And the Rest Will Follow.” Talk about a rejuvenating fannish experience. Anyway, when I received my order for the comic from Books with Pictures I also received two of Jay’s X-Men zines “Warlock Befriends Appliances” and “Jay’s Book of Irrelevant Headcanon,” both of which are wonderfully hilarious and heartfelt in measure.

Two pages of a zine. The first page shows Warlock sitting cross-legged on the ground hugging a Tube TV in his lap.

The second page shows the top half of Warlock's as he peers at a toaster.

The snapchat caption reads: "Some appliances are easy to understand."

“Warlock Befriends Appliances” is exactly what it sounds like. Warlock, a Technarchy alien who was part of the original New Mutants, befriends everyday appliances such as a TV and a toaster.

Zine page of Warlock holding a personal massager/vibrator that is actively vibrating. Warlock's speech bubble shows a picture of a bee and a question mark.

Overlayed is a cropped image from the following page of the zine of Illyana Rasputin (Magik) standing in front of her dresser and looking into the empty top draw. It can be inferred that the massager belongs to her.

The snapchat caption reads: "Some are not. (And Illyana would like her personal massager back.)"

And also a “personal massager,” which the back panel of the zine implies belongs to Illyana Rasputin (Magik).

“Jay’s Book of Irrelevant Headcanon” is a little more robust. Dedicated to “Evan Sabahnur’s sneaker collection,” this is definitely my favorite of the two zines. I love Warlock don’t get me wrong, but I love some of the characters in this zine a bit more, like Quentin Quire (the minor but persistent Wikipedia troll) and Alex Summers (who spends a lot of time at the movies alone).

My personal favorite, which I did not take a snap of because the image wasn’t showing well with the lighting I had, is of Warren Worthington (Angel/Archangel), and it is that, as Archangel “Everything tastes subtly different than it used to,” which I just think is an absolutely fascinating headcanon about the implications of the physiological changes that Warren went through to become one of Apocolypse’s horsemen. I might just give that headcanon a nod if I ever get around to finishing that horseman Warren fic I’ve had in my drafts for ages.

The original images for “Warlock Befriends Appliances” can be found here (scroll all the way to the bottom) and “Jay’s Book of Irrelevant Headcanon” comes up in Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men episode 187: “Mermaids at the Center of Time.” (If you don’t already listen to Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, you definitely should.) Both zines (and more) can be purchased at Books with Pictures and also if you’re able to catch Jay at a convention (once those start happening again, anyway.)

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