Smallville: City by Devon Grayson

[Edit: Originally published on March 31, 2016]

Possibly the gayest tie-in novel for a show I’ve ever read. The flirtations of Lex Luthor have literally no bounds. It reads like fanfiction. Though I suppose it kind of technically is. It’s just sanctioned by the show and published. 

The plot: Lex Luthor and Clark Kent spend a week in Metropolis together and shit gets fucked up. The Japanese mafia, a “professional alien-hunter” (Spoiler alert: it’s a guy who’s watched way to much X Files and thinks he’s Fox Mulder), and dates that go abysmally. You have to wonder if it’s possible for Clark and Lex to go a week without shit going to hell. 

Now, obviously, there is no canon gay stuff. Clark is still living life through a Lana Lang filter, and Lex is still using sex as a filler for physical affection. Not to mention that Clark is six years younger than Lex and a teenager. 

As far as where the book fits in to the Smallville TV show. I’d say probably somewhere in season two. Clark is listed as being 16, so season two would make a lot of sense, but I couldn’t give an exact location between episodes. It’s been a while since I watched season two.  

If you like Superman and you like Smallville, I would highly recommend checking out at least this one tie in novel. (I have not read and there for cannot recommend any of the others.)

For interested parties the book can be purchased here.

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Below are some of the snaps from my live-snapping of the book.