StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night by Leon Langford

Fast paced and absolutely riveting, “StarLion” is the story of Jordan Harris, a young man with powers derived from the gods, who dreams of being a hero, but has been told to hide his powers and so resorts to vigilante activity in his spare time. The origin of superheroes as descended from the gods of… Continue reading StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night by Leon Langford

Changing Times by Dakota Collins

[Edit: Originally published June 29, 2016] The gods have slipped into obscurity and with this their powers are dwindling, some are doing better than others. Dionysus has all but isolated himself from the other gods, that is, until he runs into Apollo busking on the street. Apollo and Dionysus don’t have the best history but… Continue reading Changing Times by Dakota Collins