X-Men: Evolution Vol. 2 written by Devin Grayson


[Edit: Originally posted May 2, 2016]

Once again thrown right into the mix. No idea where any of these issues line up with in the show. The team’s expanded a lot including more characters I’d never met anywhere else before, Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom, Roberto de Costa/Sunspot, and Sam Guthrie/Cannonball!

My favorite issues in this volume were definitely seven and eight. Seven sees Hank McCoy come to the school. He’d been a teacher at the high school until his secondary mutation hit. Now he teaches physical education at the institute and you get all the kids playing baseball in the danger room. This is the issue that you first see the group of new students, Rahne Sinclair, Jubilation Lee, Tabitha Smith, Roberto de Costa, Jamie Madrox, Sam Guthrie and Bobby Drake. 

Issue eight, is the X-Men rescuing Warren Worthington III from the Morlocks. I guess not the first time that Scott and Rogue had met Warren. That must have been something that happened in the show. Warren doesn’t end up coming to the Institute, but he does ask Jean on a date which leaves Scott a bit crestfallen. 

These issues are all snapshot issues. There’s not really a cohesive plot connecting them. For cohesive plot refer to the show itself. The first three issues in volume one had cohesion as they were set prior to the start of the show, but issues four through nine are really just one shots sprinkled throughout the show. I’m sure if you’ve seen the whole show you could probably fit in where they’re supposed to go, but as someone who’s only seen the first few episodes, I can’t. It really makes me want to go find somewhere to watch the rest of the show though. I was upset when it got taken off Netflix. 

You can find volume two here.

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X-Men: Evolution Vol. 1 by Devin Grayson


[Edit: Originally posted April 30, 2016]

So, it turns out I’ve read the X Men Evolution comics before, at least, the first volume. Back in the days when my little brother was into comics (it was about a year when he was 7/8 I think), I would steal the comics he’d get from the library to read and this was one of them. I distinctly remember the scene with Ororo and the car crashing into the tree and also Kurt using the image inducer.

That being said, I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show. I didn’t get very far before it got taken off Netflix. I didn’t find that detrimental to my enjoyment of the comics however, though it’s clear that some of them take place after certain episodes. You don’t see Kurt introduced in the comics as that happens in the show. What I saw of the show seems to end before issue four, which is the last issue in volume one. There was a character in it, Evan/Spyke, that I didn’t know and Rogue had come to the school. I think the last episode that I saw was the one where Rogue was introduced. 

Anywho. I loved the book regardless, it was fantastic. I’m very excited to read volume two. Scott Summers was absolute perfection. He was the sweet awkward nerd child that he should be. I found his backstory in this interesting. He goes straight from orphanage to hospital to the Institute, but I can’t imagine that it’s Sinister’s orphanage because Sinister would never let Scott go like that, and of course it takes Jack Winters out the picture entirely.

I’m gonna talk about Scott more because I really love how he’s written. Particularly in regards to his trauma. It’s not overly dwelled on. But when Charles is taking Scott to the Institute, they arrive of course on the Blackbird. Which is a plane. When Scott is confronted with the Blackbird he has a flashback to the plane crash, panics, and bolts. He does get on the plane in the end, but the acknowledgement of the trauma Scott went through was fantastic.

Kurt Wagner my sweet poofy fuzzy ball was adorable as usual, but frankly you can’t have a young Kurt Wagner be anything less than adorable. It’s just not possible.

All in all, really great book, can be found here.

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Masterpost of snaps.


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Smallville: City by Devon Grayson

[Edit: Originally published on March 31, 2016]

Possibly the gayest tie-in novel for a show I’ve ever read. The flirtations of Lex Luthor have literally no bounds. It reads like fanfiction. Though I suppose it kind of technically is. It’s just sanctioned by the show and published. 

The plot: Lex Luthor and Clark Kent spend a week in Metropolis together and shit gets fucked up. The Japanese mafia, a “professional alien-hunter” (Spoiler alert: it’s a guy who’s watched way to much X Files and thinks he’s Fox Mulder), and dates that go abysmally. You have to wonder if it’s possible for Clark and Lex to go a week without shit going to hell. 

Now, obviously, there is no canon gay stuff. Clark is still living life through a Lana Lang filter, and Lex is still using sex as a filler for physical affection. Not to mention that Clark is six years younger than Lex and a teenager. 

As far as where the book fits in to the Smallville TV show. I’d say probably somewhere in season two. Clark is listed as being 16, so season two would make a lot of sense, but I couldn’t give an exact location between episodes. It’s been a while since I watched season two.  

If you like Superman and you like Smallville, I would highly recommend checking out at least this one tie in novel. (I have not read and there for cannot recommend any of the others.)

For interested parties the book can be purchased here.

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Below are some of the snaps from my live-snapping of the book.