Early Trans and Intersex Narratives

Continuing with the theme of trans and intersex narratives, I have made up a short master post of early memoirs and biographies of trans and intersex figures that I am familiar with, including the ones I discussed in this month’s review. I am here defining early as having been born in the 1800s, even if… Continue reading Early Trans and Intersex Narratives

Memoir of a Man’s Maiden Years by N.O. Body/Karl Baer

If you’re interested in the genre of early trans memoir, then I cannot recommend this book enough. While much of the content does reflect the conventions of early trans memoirs, it is important to remember that N. O. Body/Karl Baer, was also intersex. This fact cannot and should not be overlooked in the reading of… Continue reading Memoir of a Man’s Maiden Years by N.O. Body/Karl Baer

Some Assembly Required by Arin Andrews

[Edit: Originally published April 1, 2017] Some Assembly Required is a Trans Narrative. It encompasses all the aspects someone might expect if they are familiar with other trans books or if they have a passing awareness of trans people. These books have value, and I am hesitant to be critical of any trans books in the… Continue reading Some Assembly Required by Arin Andrews

Christopher and his Kind: 1929-1939 by Christopher Isherwood

[Edit: Originally published April 28, 2016] Christopher and his Kind, a memoir detailing Christopher Isherwood’s time in traveling abroad from England, is delightfully frank and honest. Christopher Isherwood has no qualms in saying which parts are unreliable because he doesn’t remember them or how the opinion of his younger self might be biased. He treats young… Continue reading Christopher and his Kind: 1929-1939 by Christopher Isherwood