10+ Alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons

There’s been a lot of hubbub recently surrounding Wizards of the Coast’s updated Open Gaming License, and while it appears that the worst of OGL 1.1 has been rolled back in iteration 1.2, trust has been broken and many fans remain wary at best and riotously upset at worst. With anxieties swirling it really does… Continue reading 10+ Alternatives to Dungeons & Dragons

Spring 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Reading

For March to May, I began making a concerted effort to chip away at the pile of books that have been sitting on my dresser for far too many months, two of those books can be seen in the above image and with any luck there will be four more gracing next quarters list. Finished:… Continue reading Spring 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Reading

Winter 2021/2022 Behind the Scenes Reading

Hello, hello! I have returned with another recommended reading list, this time covering what I read behind the scenes from December 2021 through February 2022.  Finished:  SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman - In progress last time, now finished! This is a really, really excellent introduction to the basics of BDSM. It goes… Continue reading Winter 2021/2022 Behind the Scenes Reading

Some Strange Disturbances: A Cold Winter’s Eve written by Craig Hurd-McKenney, feat. guest contributors

“Some Strange Disturbances” continues to be the gift that keeps on giving with the side story “A Cold Winter’s Eve,” a side side story and mini anthology.   We see our protagonists, Prescott, Delilah, the Comtesse and Brandt, gathered together on Christmas Eve, it is following dinner, prepared by Brandt, and they have gathered in… Continue reading Some Strange Disturbances: A Cold Winter’s Eve written by Craig Hurd-McKenney, feat. guest contributors

Trans Hair Care: An Unexpected Effect of HRT

Like many trans people I did extensive research before starting HRT. I wanted to know exactly what changes my body was going to go through, and thanks to trans men sharing their own experiences both on and offline, I learned a great deal about what I should expect from going on testosterone. I knew about… Continue reading Trans Hair Care: An Unexpected Effect of HRT

X-Men Zines and Headcanons!

It's been a long time since I've been so enthused about anything X-Men related as I've been since reading "And the Rest Will Follow." Talk about a rejuvenating fannish experience. Anyway, when I received my order for the comic from Books with Pictures I also received two of Jay's X-Men zines "Warlock Befriends Appliances" and… Continue reading X-Men Zines and Headcanons!

Disability in Season 3 of the BBC’s Musketeers

So I’ve been watching a lot of Musketeers recently, specifically season three. It’s a good season, and I’m a particular fan of the primary antagonist of the season, Lucien Grimaud (Matthew McNulty). However, I have noticed a repeating trend with the other antagonists of the season that is rather troubling, namely, many of them are… Continue reading Disability in Season 3 of the BBC’s Musketeers

Role Playing Games with Dreidels

Coming up on this past Hanukkah, I purchased some lovely dreidels from Ritualwell. Well, they are dreidels in the sense that they have all the proper Hebrew characters on them, but instead of the spinning top that we all know and love, they took the shape of a d20. As a nerd, I fell in… Continue reading Role Playing Games with Dreidels

On Demand Books: How to Acquire Them

While I did not go to school to become a historian, I’ve always loved history and 9 times out of 10 it winds up playing an important role in what I do, be it my queer studies or simply fan projects. It may not come as a surprise, considering my recent posts about “The Terror,” that I have fallen down a research rabbit hole. The sexy thing about working with texts from the 1800s is that sometimes they’re freely available to read online, the unsexy thing is that I vastly prefer reading hard copy books and don’t always do well reading books on a computer screen. Enter on demand book printing.

Let’s Read Books by Women

After much deliberation I have made a self imposed limit of four books for this post. There are so many wonderful women authors that I simply do not have time to highlight all of them. So I will be narrowing my criteria to four queer women authors, two nonfiction and two fiction. Nonfiction: 1. “A… Continue reading Let’s Read Books by Women