The Terror: History and Fan Works

So you watched “The Terror” and now you don’t know what to do with yourself. Well, congratulations, you have like so much content available to you, both academic and historical and fannish, you’re gonna have a great time. I have compiled a handy dandy guide to learning about the Franklin expedition and/or participating in Terror fandom.

Let’s start with history. 

  1. Thanks to a friendly neighborhood Tumblr anon,  @radiojamming has made up an “Intro to the Franklin expedition” book list. This list includes books like “James Fitzjames: Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition” and “Captain Francis Crozier: Last Man Standing?,” both of which I mentioned in my earlier review,  as well as a link to a number of excellent online resources. 
  2. DJ (radiojamming) has also done considerable research into Lt. John Irving who served on the HMS Terror under Francis Crozier.  They made a nice little write up about him on their blog. And you know how I mentioned in my review of “The Terror” that Irving doesn’t have a biography yet? Well, DJ’s working on changing that. 
  3. DJ has also done and excellent write about about John Hartnell, one of the men buried on Beechey Island.
  4. Tumblr user @indifferent-century has been regularly posting snippets of the Fitzjames journal that we have. It’s all very handily tagged on their blog.
  5. Pertaining to Captain Crozier, @handfuloftime recently posted the most complete published version of Crozier’s last letter to his best friend, James Ross. It can be found a few different places, but this is the best version of it I’ve found.
  6. We also have a nice write up about the images we have of Lieutenant James Walter Fairholme, courtesy of @ltwilliammowett.

Leading into “The Terror” analysis

  1. Harry Goodsir, assistant surgeon aboard  HMS Erebus, claims in the show that he’s dissected 20 corpses. @pottedmusic tells us in this delightful historical post, why that scene’s actually kind of funny.
  2. DJ (radiojamming) is back with excellent meta analysis about Tom Hartnell as a symbol of death.
  3. @septembriseur also provides an excellent analysis of the entire show from beginning to end, dealing with the Tuunbaq, Carnivale and ratboy Cornelius Hickey.

Further fan works!

Fitzjames and Crozier in front of their biographies.
  1. Illustrator Kristina Gehrman has a number of Franklin expedition related pieces in her portfolio and is also the author of “Icebound: Franklin’s Lost Expedition,” which is available to read online in English or as a hardcopy in German.
  2. @sinnaminie is another fan favorite content creator with her excellent plushies! I’ve ordered two myself, a little Crozier and a Fitzjames in a dress. Her plushies also have the approval of “Terror” actor Jared Harris (Crozier), who has his own little Crozier plushie!
  3. Do you like football/soccer? Even if you don’t, the Terror & Erebus Football Club AU a is wildly hilarious and entertaining creation from numerous minds that deserves a mention here.
  4. The last fan work creator I will mention is Kami, his art is just incredible and he’s currently got preorders going on for a Fitzier (Fitzjames x Crozier) artbook!

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