Snap Book Reviews now on Patreon!

While I haven’t gotten rid of my Kofi, I figured it was about time I got on Patreon too!

Those who followed me here from Tumblr will probably remember the number of times this blog fell of the face of the earth due to me being too busy with work and school to maintain it. I would really like that to not happen again, because I really enjoy running this blog.

The best way to help me keep this blog up and running is to support me financially through Kofi or Patreon!

What does supporting me on Patreon get you!

Right now there are two tiers: 1 dollar and 5 dollars

  • The 1 dollar tier gets you early access to information about what the upcoming review or essay will be and access to all the Snapchats taken throughout my reading and/or research, instead of just the two or three that get featured in the review!
  • At the 5 dollars level you get all that plus the ability to vote on things I review in the future.

If I get enough support there will be added tiers featuring such things as writer consultation for writing LGBTQ characters and queer history, sensitivity reading, queer history book/research recommendations and more.

This blog was a fun free hobby while I was in college, but as an adult who needs to make ends meet, well if I can make even a little bit of money from the writing I do here, I’ll be happy.

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