X-Men: X-Termination story by David Lapham, Marjorie Liu, and Greg Pak


[Edit: Originally published on April 23, 2016]

I’m not going to lie I was a little bit confused when I started reading this. I’d bought it because it was the ending of X-Treme X-Men. I haven’t read Age of Apocalypse and it took a bit of reorienting to figure out what was going on with that. I did get it figured out however, and am probably going to seek out the rest of Age of Apocalypse to read.

I felt really bad for AoA Kurt. He was such a sad character and I think that sadness came across really well. He was a bit dickish, but mostly I felt, at least at this point, desperate and sad. I wanted to fight AoA Hank, he’s such a dick. Though I mean, regular Hank can be a bit of a dick too, this one was just more of a dick that I am willing to tolerate. 

This was my first time reading a book featuring Karma! I loved her. It is also, to the best of my recollection my first time reading anything with Gambit as well. 

There were some character deaths that were just not okay, with the exception of the floating Charles head. That was A+. I will never be upset over any Charles dying. But baby Kurt and Hercules? Not okay man. The AoA deaths made sense, considering their universe and the storyline. 


  • The Charles head dying. Like I said before A+.
  • Jean Grey, everything about her, she was wonderful.
  • AoA Scott Summers’s hair.
  • Dazzler punching AoA Hank McCoy in the face.
  • Jean going Apocalypse and doing a damn good job at controlling it.
  • Both Kurts. Kurt will always be my child no matter the universe. 

Darker and less ridiculous than X-Treme X-Men Volumes 1 and 2 but just as action packed and interesting a read.

Can be purchased here.

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Select snaps (full masterpost of snaps can be found here): 


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