Uncanny X-Men: Annual No. 3 Fire in the Sky written by Chris Claremont


[Edit: Originally published July 27, 2016]

A fun, action packed, one-shot adventure. An alien has come to town. Arkon. A former menace of the Avengers. He’s looking for someone to help save his planet, but he’s not the most diplomatic of people. After assaulting Jarvis at the Avengers Mansion while looking for Thor (who’s not even there), Arkon sets his sights on Ororo. Mind you, while Arkon is doing all of this. Never once does he stop to explain what exactly he needs Thor and/or Ororo for. He just attacks. Of course when he comes to the X-Mansion the X-Men do the natural thing and fight back.

Ororo is already having issues, after misjudged power usage in the Danger Room goes massively arwy, destroying the Danger Room and the control panel. She’s also conflicted about being an X-Men, she expresses to Scott that she misses Kenya and wants a life outside of the X-Men. Scott, the poor boy, who’s never really known much a life outside the X-Men is really not the best person to offer up advice there, but he tries his best. Scott laments that Jean or the Professor aren’t there as they would be better suited to offer Ororo advice. 

Basically, when Arkon comes and tries to grab Ororo, shit goes down with the X-Men. And when Arkon kidnaps Ororo, shit gets worse. However, when they go after Ororo, they find her willing to help Arkon and his people, because it gets explained why they need her help. They need her to recharge a device that helps give sunlight to the planet so it doesn’t die. In the end Arkon pledges eternal friendship to the X-Men for helping save the planet. 

It’s a very fun, very classic adventure type story. The X-Men save the day in a good wholesome adventure, where there isn’t really a bad guy at all. There’s fighting sure, that ceases once the misunderstanding gets cleared up. 

I read this in Danger Room Battle Archives which can be found here.

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