“Though Hell Should Bar the Way” written by Greg Cox from Star Trek: Enterprise Logs


[Edit:  Originally published October 8, 2016]

Enterprise Logs is a short story collection, each story is from a different Captain, starting all the way back with the two very real Enterprise ships that existed during the Revolutionary War and World War Two. However, they story I’m looking at is the first Star Trek Captain of the Enterprise. Captain Robert April. 

Captain Robert April’s story deals with my absolute favorite part of Star Trek lore, Tarsus IV. The Enterprise, being the fastest ship in the fleet, is on route to deliver relief aid.

In a relatively unsurprising turn of events, the Klingons are trying to stop the Enterprise from reaching Tarsus IV, motivation is speculated but never explicitly given. A space battle ensues, with the Enterprise ultimately victorious, though the Klingons are merely disabled, not destroyed. The Enterprise then continues to Tarsus IV, only to arrive too late. Kodos has already wiped out half of the population. 

It’s very interesting to see a story about Tarsus IV that isn’t from Kirk’s perspective. All the Star Trek media I’ve consumed about Tarsus IV so far has been. Jim does get a mention in this story, as Captain April is friends with George Kirk, Jim’s father. But it’s only at the very end. 

Like any good Star Trek story there’s an emphasis on peace and hope. Captain April is not fond of Starfleet needing military capacity, but he also does understand necessity for it. Space is dangerous, and the Klingons give a prime example of that.

The whole collection is quite excellent, and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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