The Incredible Hulk Annual No. 7 The Evil that is Cast written by Roger Stern


[Edit: Originally published August 3, 2016]

This was my first time reading a Hulk comic. My only experience with the Hulk up to this point has been in the Avengers movies. This leaves my knowledge of the Hulk very, very, limited. That said I didn’t really know what to expect going into a Hulk comic in an X-Men anthology. 

It was a very simple read, and I sped through it much faster than I expected. I think that has to do with the fact, that I’ve been reading a lot of Claremont’s X-Men run recently and that can get a little bit exposition box, heavy at times. This didn’t have that, though there still were exposition boxes. 

I really like comics that focus on Iceman and Angel as friends and that’s why this Hulk annual wound up in an X-Men anthology, because it’s almost just as much about Bobby and Warren as it is about the Hulk. 

Warren’s at his place in the Rockies with his girlfriend Candy Southern. Bobby calls up asking if he can come up with his girl. When they arrive two things happen. First, Bobby’s girlfriend, gets completely enamored with Warren and basically ditches Bobby. Second, a massive new model Sentinel attacks Bobby and Warren. Bobby gets captured and Warren flies off to get help with the Sentinel hot on his tail. 

Enter the Hulk. Who is at a nearby Gamma Station with Doc Samson for treatment. Warren drawing the Sentinel there pisses off the Hulk when the Sentinel attacks Doc Samson for trying to interfere with it capturing Warren. 

They all wind up in space and the Sentinel is defeated and then they make it back to Earth. It’s a good standalone adventure, an unintentional team-up between the Hulk and a couple of the X-Men. The Hulk has his own agenda, but Warren and Bobby aren’t going to complain about the help. 

You can find the whole anthology here.

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