Before the City Rises by C.K. Slash


[Edit: Originally published July 6, 2016]

The June Rebellion. That might mean absolutely nothing to you. It did for me until I read Les Misérables. It was a small failed rebellion in an attempt to overthrow the government in France in 1832. This is the backdrop for Before the City Rises.

If you’re in the Les Mis fandom, you might actually know Before the City Rises, butas the fanfiction “Teach me how to Love You”. The fanfiction was flipped to be an original work and was released in mid June. 

You don’t have to know Les Misérables to enjoy the story, however. You’re given all the information you need about the rebellion and the circumstances of in the beginning of the story when our heroine, Zephine, pays a visit to Notre Dame cathedral. 

The story is also given a sci fi element when you learn that the oppressed group being fought for in the story are those with supernatural abilities. It’s not overly present but it’s there in the background, and if you forget momentarily, you’ll be reminded a few pages later. 

The foreground and driving force of the story is that it’s a lesbian erotica. A lesbian erotica with a trans woman (named Nichole) as the love interest.

Zephine goes to visit Nichole, a friend of sorts and part of the group that has been organizing this rebellion, though she’s been a voice of dissent and disbelief of their cause more often than not. However, if Zephine wants her to fight with them tomorrow, Nichole could not refuse. They share one night together. One very Not Safe For Work night. And Zephine learns things about Nichole she never would have imagined. 

Like I said, this is an erotica. The sex is very well written and very explicit. This is definitely not a book for young eyes.

There were a few errors when I read it that occurred due to the flipping of the book. Some names got missed in the flipping process. Those have since been fixed by the author.

You can find the book here.


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